June 21, 2017

5 best ways to provide writing samples

Producing technical writing sample during interview

During the interview, it is very common when the interviewer asks for the writing sample, this happens with all of us. So, what to do in that case?

No silver bullet but we can take few approach.

Why they want it and what is stopping you from doing that?

Why they want it?

  1. Want to see your writing style and skill
  2. Grammer proficiency
  3. Tool used by you
  4. Domain you worked
  5. Style guide knowledge
  6. Continue....

What is stopping you?

You may not have it- You never carry anything from office hardcopy or softcopy. Good job this is expected from you.

  1. If you are not violating confidentiality, the security or any legal issue you can carry and distribute all depend on nature of the document.So when you are producing anything from your past job make sure you are violating any legal issue. Your perspective employer will understand this.
  2. You can also create documents that look and speak exactly the same as the ones with sensitive information, but change the names and identities of the topics.
  3. A next approach could be to invest some time researching the company you are applying to and use any information you can to create something "for" them. Who knows, they may hire you on the spot!
  4. For 'public' profiles, take a screenshot of one page (UG) or one topic (help system) that illustrates your work. get permission from the client to do this, but, in general, use an older version of the documentation, not the most recent version.You can also, use a photo editor to remove any product-identifying, company-identifying, or proprietary information... like product names or feature names specific enough to a product to identify the company.
  5. If you can't use any of your previous work, you could create some sample documentation for FrameMaker, Word, or RoboHelp since you're already familiar with these tools.
Good Luck! Want to read your story, write in comment box.

January 5, 2017

Technical writing highest paying jobs in India in 2017

What a good news in the starting of the year 2017.

Technical writing in the highest paying jobs in India claims Economics Times.

Excerpt from the Newspaper

Technical writer
2 Jan, 2017
Technical writer
While writers and content writers are one thing, technical writers are completely different. They also write but their focus is mostly on technicalities related to an IT firm or programming company. For companies specializing in technology like Adobe, Oracle, and similar brands, a technical writer is must.

Minimum Qualification: Graduate

Salary range: Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.7 lakh a month

To read more click here.

December 11, 2016

Agile conference NCR 2016

Agile conference NCR 2016

Attended agile conference hosted annually by Xebia. This time Westin, Gurgaon was the location.Attended by almost more than 200 agile enthusiasts, it was worth the time. I was with Pramod and reached the venue on time :-)

 The event included key International speakers, Industry practitioners, Agile gurus and seasoned Agilists to address the growing need of digital enterprises for the adoption of fast-paced Agile Software Development.

The conference covered all aspects of Agile technology under four parallel tracks- Future of Agile Coaching, Agile beyond IT, Agile DevOpsified and Agile in Big Data and Analytics.

Apart from the great session, it is important to mention the hospitality of Westin. The food was good and service was decent.

Pics CourtesyXebia

October 9, 2016

Implementing scrum in the legacy project-Rahul Karn

 A presentation of agile pain

Gotta chance to share my experience in one of the esteemed agile conference in the New Delhi. It was a pleasure to listen and network with esteemed professional. If you want practical training of agile or want to read my mind feel free to contact me. For detail visit www.informationdevelopers.in

February 21, 2016

IDC Blogathon Winner- Deepti Sharma

What Valentine means????

Congratulation Deepti for winning this coveted prize!!! You truly deserve to be the winner of IDC Blogathon.

Every year February 14th is celebrated as Valentine’s Day. On this special day people

exchange gifts, flowers and card with the person they love. It can also be called the day

of romance and love. Lovers spend time together and express their love for each other.

The world is full of love; we just need to feel it all around us. Have you ever seen a bird

feeding its child; River demolishing its identity to meet the sea; Peacock dancing with

joy in the rainy shower; a smiling child hugging his mother after coming back from

school; an old couple walking along the river holding hands? All this happens every day,

and we rarely notice it. We are so busy in achieving our materialistic goals of life that we

ignore these joys of love that unconditionally surrounds us. Last year on Valentine’s Day

I felt such joy of love.

I was celebrating this day of love with the man of my life, my loving husband. Getting ready

for a romantic date and to our surprise, in the evening my 5 years old daughter brought

a flower for her father, kissed him and whispered in his ears “Happy valentine's Day

Papa”. He was speechless. Although she was not able to pronounce it correct, but it

was really cute. He kissed her and asked her as who told her about this Day. She very

innocently replied, “Kids were telling me down stairs, when I was playing with them that

today is valentine day, I asked what it means? They told me that on this day you have

to give the flower to the person you love the most in this world. I thought for some time and

then plucked the flower from the society garden and came running to you”. He asked

with curiosity that why she came to him and not to her mom(me) with the flower, as she

always says that she loves both of us equally. She laughed at her dad and said, “You

are a kid papa, don’t you know that girl has to give flower to a boy and boy to a girl.

Mom is a girl like me, so she can’t be my Valentine”. He had tears in his eyes. He

hugged her, kissed her and said this is the best Valentine’s Day of his life.

Her meaning for love will keep on changing with age. She will grow up and find her

valentine some day. But her dad would always be proud to be her first valentine. I was

mesmerized with her unconditional love and cuteness of her thoughts. That day I

realized, love is so beautiful, so pure and so divine. Love is eternal, it is an expression

which can only be expressed but can’t be defined in few set of words. It has different

meanings for everyone, depending on age and situation.  And I hope I am the only lady

on this earth, who is not jealous of sharing her valentine with the other lady.