June 27, 2012

After you foray into Technical Writing

Getting started into Technical writing

Now I am assuming you are a graduate and have basic idea what is technical writing and how it is different from other genre of writing. I have noticed this type of queries from newbie’s on many forums of technical writing. So sharing some tips, old wisdom but new chapter.

Now it is time to “SELL” your skills, for that you will need many tools like resume, sample of your work, cover letter, feature article (if any), letter of recommendation etc.

Good Resume

As a technical writer it is expected from you to submit error free resume. Make sure your resume is free from grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or typo errors. If you cannot write a good resume how can you write a good technical document? I normally ask the technical writer during the interview “Can I assume your CV as your work sample” and then give it back them to edit it. In hardly ten minutes I can judge many different qualities of aspirants.
  • Prepare an error free CV.
  • Online CV should be in correct format.
  • Do not name as resume.doc . The standard convention is to use your first initial, last name and the file extension.
  • Do not assume employer will have your resume; carry print copies with you.

Portfolio (Sample of Work)

Many employers ask to submit your portfolio. Never include any work in your folio which is copyright protected or property of any organization, even if it is created by you.
Try to showcase all your skills in a very concise but a very smart way in your portfolio. Make a online as well as print copy. Get your folio edited by expert even if you are expert itself.

Learn About Industry trends and Network

You should be aware about new trends of the industries. There are many ways to that, google search is god but apart from that join groups on many social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn etc,read blogs and comment, join technical writing forums.You can find many resources on this blog

Learning is a continuous process

This is a very old wisdom and relevant for tech writing also. Yes, if you are not dynamic learner you will not enjoy the journey of information development. It is expected from TW to understand the application quickly and develop information on it. If you work with contractors many days you may have to work on multiple projects.

Enhance your communication, interpersonal and interviewing skills it will help you to gather information of the project.

There are many things that can be covered, but currently I am able to gather this much only I will keep on updating this.

Last not the least congratulation for joining 37th best job in a 2012 Carrercast 200 top jobs survey. I hope you find these tips useful and interesting.

Best of Luck!

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