June 20, 2012

When determination meets fate

It is was a regular working day in office until i received a call !!! a call that suddenly drag me few years back when I was struggling to start my life, once again. Once again because after getting a fitness certificate post series of 3 major and few minor operations only in few years, now i was allowed to sit for few hours and travel without any support, but it was advisable to carry a stick to prevent undue pressure on the fractured fumer and tibia and the implant incorporated in it.
After getting wellness certificate a big question that bogs me down was "what next"? Being a pharma graduate I was supposes to join marketing, R&D, production but all this of option was closed for me because that time I was not physically fit for any this job in nutshell pharma sector had closed the door for me. "What next"? What to do? Back to college again for masters or MBA?Will after selling out few lakhs and years companies will hire me? Not sure. Already my parents was in debt due to my operation and sister marriage, so how much it was prudent for me to bet on higher education. I was not sure, then start looking for industries which can hire me…in this quest my brother –in –law (jija ji) asked me “if you can write in times of India and win a bike, why don’t you take writing as a full time carrier”. Not a bad idea!!!An idea can change your life, it was then he introduce me with one of his friend sister who was then a techwriter in Nokia. After talking to her I was fully convinced this is the field where I will get job satisfaction and my love for word will sure help me to excel in this field.
Again question remain same where to start from? Series of phone calls to the friends, friends of friends and there friends to get a clue what is technical writing is all about, eligibility, future, growth and many other questions and after getting every question answered, battle start to find a good institution from where i can start my journey as a writer. Few good institutes was there in the town that time i was in Bangalore but there fees was not affordable for me, finally joined a small but good institution. when my syllabus was about to finish I start looking for a job, get my resume done, posted on different job portals and finally I get a call for interview CALL !!!yes call from the same company whose representative call me today and that call motivate me to write this blog but yes nature and tone of the call was different. I appeared but failed i that interview . Today just after few years when I got a call from the same company with the offering for the post of project manager with handsome increment, condition only to handle there telecom domain projects. They lured me with all possible means to relocate Bangalore.
I hope this happen just because of blessing of parents, god grace and probably my never die attitude, determination to come out from spare to sunshine.
I believe when one door is close 100 open probably I’m one classical example of it.
My only motto to write this blog to stand with those friends who are down due to some of the reason, it is not at all self promotional.

Rahul Karn
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