June 28, 2012

Why Twitter would beat Facebook in a fist fight

Twitter Vs Facebook

Aishwarya Pankaj wrote this guest post who is an avid reader, blogger and technology geek. I invited her to share her experience on social networking scenario. Read more blogs of Aishwarya on The Road To Somewhere

“Facebook makes me hate the people I know, Twitter makes me love the people I don’t know.”
I have seen this quote repeated hundreds of times on my Twitter timeline. And to an extent, I agree with it. I have to admit though that I use Facebook for at least 5 hours a day and about, well, 12 hours a day in the holidays since I do not have a life and do not like studying. Don't get me wrong, I am not interested in looking at pictures of people's food, its just that I cannot find anything else to do.. But if Twitter and Facebook got into a fist fight, I'd be cheering for Twitter. Here's why:

1. Choice of people you interact with
Facebook is a place where we add all our friends, the ones we’re close to, the ones we go to school with, our relatives, our colleagues, our bosses, our teachers and some who we met at a party one night. And I’m not sure why we’d be so interested in every single one of their lives to know when their hamburger had arrived, but either ways, we do get a lot of useless information such as that while scrolling down our ever faithful newsfeed.
Twitter gives you a choice of people you want to follow. There are those tweens who follow Justin Bieber and The Jonas Brothers and make worry about their troubled futures. But Twitter has a lot of things other than Justin Bieber, authors, journalists, and other people who have something interesting to say. You can also follow sites such as Wired, Microsoft and Google to get technology related information. 

2. Intellectual Opinions
Facebook hardly offers a platform where people can share their opinions about a specific topic. Granted that a few times you see a status update from someone that you find intelligent and thoughtful. No, I was not talking about mushy wisdom things about life that people copy and paste out of places, I'm talking about people with genuine opinions which are original. But it is never organised well and you only get to see snippets of the whole picture.
Twitter Trends allows you to get opinions from wide variety of people on a single page. And if you do have a Twitter account you will get to see how contrasting people’s opinions can be on different topics. Of course some of them are intelligent and thought out while others are just plain ridiculous and insulting to others. But, understanding such contrasting viewpoints can broaden your mind and let you appreciate how different people can have such different priorities and opinions.

3. Privacy
I don’t remember how many times Facebook has changed its privacy policy. A number of times Facebook has made public the information that was previously declared private by its own policies. This has been raised the eyebrows of those concerned about their privacy, provided they have read the privacy policy, which lets admit, most of us haven't. Facebook users do not trust Facebook.
Twitter has been a lot more careful with its user's information and has taken care to keep the data private. Even when it introduced the new feature called 'Who to follow' which would require snooping, Twitter was careful with the user data and made sure the privacy of its users was not hampered in any way.
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