July 13, 2012

Ideal Organization: A Dilemma

Brijesh Bartwal wrote this guest post. He is a M.B.A and experienced human resource professional and public speaker. I invited him to share his experience on the challenges in implementing new process and polices and he did a favor to me and my reader by sharing his experience in one of the organization where he had given his services.

One fine morning on a coffee table I asked one of my engineer friends about the recent developments in organization related to policies and procedures. Our team had worked hard to put the new process on the place, so I was excited to get other good response.

Contrary to my belief he was not at all happy, so I asked him where we went wrong. But now pleasure to my surprise he was more miffed and started screaming the things which he doesn’t like. Anyhow I pacify him and then on lighter node I queered him, is there anything which you like about this organization? His reply was diplomatic enough to fail top bureaucrats.

I was bogged down by many questions in my mind. Why people always resist change? How can I satisfy employee by all mean? Is there something called Ideal Organization.

As a HR professional, I sell the positives of my organization, keeping a fact in mind that no organization is perfect in this world. There are loopholes in every entity which is related to human beings and my organization is no exception. But having said that I strongly believe in reverse. Job seeker (Potential employee) is looking out because there is something which is prompting him to look out. And hence if they are complaining why should I not inform about good better to say “sort out grievances”. Is it right to speak ill about own employer on coffee table? Or does employer really deserve that? This is an ethical question which is attached with the loyalty which is on the brink in today’s world. So I don’t expect someone to speak only sweet but I am looking for how good you are critically examining your organization. So if we believe there are two sides of a coin why can’t organization have that? Now the same job seeker, one day will join any other organization and after some time, probably, again blaspheme about that company as well.

I come across with several consultants every day and hire them as well. There are very few consultants (Job seeker) who come up with the valid answers about the culture of their organization. Point to be noted I am not talking about the question “why are you looking for change?” I am simply asking “what do you like most about your current company?” and consultants are falling flat even to respond this kind of question so forget about the question “Why are you looking for change?” Even in the reply of this question I get very bizarre answers. Should I hire these consultants? Yes, of course I do hire, though I know they didn’t give satisfactory answers of my questions. And the reason behind it, “if I will start screening people on the basis of answers which HR community would like to hear” I am sure job vacancy will remain open forever.

I am still looking for that one answer “Is there any organization where you will get only pros , not a single con?”  Do you have any answer …..If not then feel free to ask the question?:-)

Disclaimer- Opinions in the Guest blog are the opinion of the writer, not necessarily the same as the owner of blog.

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