July 8, 2012

Language Vs. Technical Skills – What’s Your Take in Technical Writing?

Sasmita Panda wrote this guest post.She is a seasoned Information Developer, Content writer and blogger. I invited her to share her experience on the primary skills required by information developers and she come up with well knit blog for you. Read more blogs of Sasmita on TWIN 

What are the qualities of a good technical writer? Mastering over the language or strong technical skills? The debate is constantly on. As per my experience, language is important, but it’s your acumen in technical skills which will take you higher in the long run.
Strong writing skills along with deeper technical knowledge are always considered as added advantage. Understanding a product/application and documenting about it is what every technical writer does, but knowing about how to structure and present the information to various types of end-users is definitely a valuable skill.
There are technical writers who are good in writing skills but poor in technical skills and vice verse. You can always work on the skills you lack, but I believe that honing technical skills takes longer time as compared to the writing skills. You don’t have to stupendous in your writing skills to be a good technical writer, but expertise in technical skills is a must especially if you want to grow in your career as a technical writer.
Proficiency in technical skills has a growing demand in many industries these days. Knwoledge of DITA, API Documentation or software programming can fetch you better package than many of your experienced peers. So if you want to grow and make money as a technical writer, the choice is obvious- sharpen you technical skills.
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