July 2, 2012

Qualities to be a successful Information Developer

Major traits technical writers must have

Two main traits that are must for you to be a successful technical writer (professional) is ability to learn and the confidence.

In this world you will always have to challenge your ability, ability to write, ability to gather knowledge, ability to understand the application, ability to learn tools  and many more abilities and above all self belief and confidence that you have these ability. Confidence that you have ability to accomplish anything.

Many times new project will thrown on you without prior notice, proper knowledge transfer, training, manuals or study materials and process that too with tight deadline and you have to do it because you have to deliver and you are paid for that. If you get bogged down by these kinds of challenges (opportunity) no matter how good a writer you are, you may have to taste the dust, but you take this as opportunity sky will not be the only limit.

In today’s environment where every day new technology becoming old you will have to be on the toe to change with industry and stay ahead from the time. At least in the world of web, the successful technical writers (person) are those who can change with need and who thrive on the challenge of the new and untried.

How to cope with this? Keep updating yourself via different social network, forums, friends, blogs and also try to attend and volunteer STC conferences in your country and city. If you get a chance to take classes, go ahead and grab it this will give you immense confidence. Work on that area which keeps you haunted while performing your jobs maybe some tool or even any soft skill.

Above all I firmly believe in take the bull from the horn. More you will challenge the technology more you will learn. Dip your toe in the water of technology you will learn it.

So, have knowledge, be informed and wear confidence.

End of the day these are the unhidden source of your income.
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