July 10, 2012

Top Bizarre Interviewing Experience

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I hate to take interviews but due to call of duty occasionally I have to do it, so far I have interviewed many candidates from different cities, colleges, companies and experience level, sometimes even more experienced than me.In fact most of them were better than me it was only matter of time, luck or chance, but on the other hand, I also bumped with very weird or odd kind of candidates who was excellent as a resource but complete bizarre in their behavior. 

Disclaimer: My only intention to write this blog is please avoid this kind of situation to grab your dream job if you agreed with my opinion.

"YOU KNOW" Syndrome:  one of the candidates scored very high in a writing test, but when I get a chance to meet, you know he expected me to know his father name to a permanent address.
His each sentence was starting with YOU KNOW. Finally, I have to say I don’t know.
Rotating chair: It was her final round, in the interviewing panel my HR Manager and Director of R&D was with me.An interview was going well, but her chair was rotating at 180 degrees. Believe me, it irritated all of us.

Negative attitude for the previous employer:  yes, we all look for good opportunity and we have our share of problems in the organization that sometimes force us to quit. But the attitude and the word chosen for the previous employer made us negative on her.

Look cool attitude is not always cool: It’s good to be original, and truthful, but sometimes silence is wisdom. One guy arrived without a resume, reason? He does not have a printer, Cyber cafes were not open so early, don’tFriday he returned late from office, Saturday went to resort with a girlfriend he was tired so he slept whole day and night on Sunday. So he was not able to take a print of his resume.
I denied interviewing him, not because doesn't have a resume, because…hope you can find an answer.

I’m not a fish trader: One gentleman was already working in one of the reputed organization and had two other good offers with decent increment want to check if I can pay more.
Sorry, I do not promote this attitude.

Yo-Yo Honey Singh: T-shirt you are wearing might be the best in your wardrobe, but I expect not to see you out-of-bed look or Yo-Yo look during the interview.  
No need to wear costly stuff be simple, clean and organized.

Fancy caller tune: Kindly take out your precious half hour out for me during the interview. Your fancy caller and going out to answer the call even to tell your friend that you are busy disturbs me.
Mute options are available in cell phones.

You and your resume are different: I really find very disturbing when people do not remember what they have written in a resume. Hard to believe when you are saying your experience is more than five years and your resume is screaming something different.
Either you faked in Resume or your updated resume is not updated in both the cases I’m sorry dear.

Be comfortable: I want you to be comfortable in the boardroom, but I also want to be comfortable. I really become uncomfortable when you start calling me Rah, Rak or something that you like rather than my original name “Rahul”.
I too use slang's with my friends in cricket ground but not in a boardroom.

Gum-Gum-One candidate told me he has a habit of chewing gum during exam or interview, do I mind if he continues chewing it? He was honest, but what you would have done, mind it or ignore it?

 A Lesson to me: I was interviewing a beautiful lady with good skills and experience before wrapping up the interview I asked her when you are planning to marry? Will you change the city after marriage? She paused and replied Sir; do you ask this question to male candidate also? I told her this may be a unparliamentary question but....I explained why I asked this to her?
It was a good take home for me.

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