July 7, 2012

Why You Should Love Books

Love for Books

Aishwarya Pankaj wrote this guest post who is an avid reader, blogger and technology geek. I invited her to share her experience on benefits of book reading.

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Here are the two opinions I have heard about reading from various people:
“I love reading.”
The other being:
“I hate reading.”

So its clear that the world is divided into people who either love or hate books. I’m on the love side of it, and books happen to be one of my favourite things in the world. So I’m going to try and make you love books too. Here’s why you should read books:

Books are a knowledge hub

Books practically have all the information that you could ever want. Yes I do remember that Google can find anything. Books however, provide you with detailed information about every topic that humans have had knowledge about. Just read a book and you shall have all the knowledge that you require from technical instructions to warfare to the difference between a centipede and a millipede or just a guide on how to write good blog posts. I need to read the last one.

Books provide an escape from our world 

It is a natural tendency of the human brain to seek out something bigger, more interesting our everyday lives. This does not essentially mean that your life is boring and uninteresting, but books can let your imagination run beyond the world as we know it. I mean, you can even go to Hogwarts! Why someone would skip a chance to go to Hogwarts, is beyond me. But I will try my best to convince you, for your own good. I’m not encouraging delusions and running away from the real world, it’s about the ability to see more beautiful and challenging things. And sometimes, in some form, bring some of it into the real world to make it a bit more magical.

Books help your creativity

Reading books captures your mind. It asks you to imagine a world different from yours. With the vague sketches that the author provides, you’re supposed to paint the whole picture. This helps you think creatively and deeply. Unlike other forms of storytelling such as movies, where you just have to watch whatever has already been portrayed, books force you to think and come up with your own ideas.  

Books make you a better human being

Books have a lot of stored wisdom from various wise people. You practically have a way to see things the way people like Ernest Hemingway did. And when you actually read the books, you realize that great books aren't all about motivational quotes. They provide you a different outlook into life. You give up your model of the world and look at it from the author’s point of view. This doesn't mean that you have to give up your thoughts; this just helps you look at things from another angle and come to a better conclusion. I didn't say the correct conclusion because I don’t believe there is one particular right way to look at things. But having a more thoughtful and deep approach on life definitely helps you become a better, more efficient human being.

The quest for knowledge is something essential for human beings to keep progressing. Acquisition of knowledge and how we use it shapes us as a society. 

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