August 1, 2012

Adobe RoboHelp 10: A glimpse

 Glimpse of Adobe RoboHelp10

On 24th July 2012 Adobe’s launch long-awaited Technical Communication Suite 4, and one of its core components,and my favorite  RoboHelp ® 10. This is an arrival of truly online help. As.a prerelease forum member of Robohelp I am really excited about this release and sharing my excitement with you.


This is more user friendly content creation tool with contentment creation, importing and output feature. 

RH10 offer  Screen Profile which allows you to preview your topics on  desktop and popular devices (e.g. iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Android phones, Kindle Fire). You can adjust screen resolution, define web browsers on the device and modify other advanced settings for the selected profile.

There are several desktop screen layouts designed for different verticals e.g. manufacturing, software, government, pharmaceutical, financial services etc.; there is a “social” layout as well to socially-enable your documentation. Choose from these ready-made layouts or create your own with the Screen Layout Editor. Screen layouts let you customize the main page, search results with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). The Screen Layout Editor included lets you add various functional widgets (links to the Table of Contents or a Search box, for example) to any topic page.

Introduction of e Books will help you to deliver content to smartphones, tablets, and eBook readers in EPUB 3, EPUB 2.0.1, KF8 and MOBI formats. Publish to devices in the format of your choice, with extended support for EPUB validation, Index, Glossary, cover-page, and meta-information.

Adobe promise to release more Profiles and Layouts, even offering a “check for new…” link in the properties screens. You can also import screen layouts from other sources. So your designer could create a layout with your company logo, place the layout on the server and deploy it to your team.

TCS4 also enhances integration between RoboHelp 10 and Captivate 6 so that you can easily incorporate demonstrations into your help system. You can also wrap your help into the ePub electronic book format.Many other enhancement are User Defined Variables (UDV) in topic title, CSS enhancements, multiscreen preview, media queries, new multi-file Find and Replace pod, event-based script triggers, rapid step-by-step authoring, and import of Adobe Captivate HTML5 output are just some of the new additions.

With version 10, RoboHelp appears to stay numero uno in the market.

Important RoboHelp resource (Click to see)

You can read more about RH10 Reviewer’s Guide,Adobe Blog.Also you can join  eSeminar “What’s new in Adobe RoboHelp 10” on August 14, 2012 from 10-11:30 AM US PST

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