August 2, 2012

Framemaker 11:Useful Resources

Some Useful resources for FrameMaker

Adobe FrameMaker 11 software is a best-in-class authoring and publishing solution with one of the lowest transition costs and highest ROI for migration to XML. Use the new XML Code View to natively author structured content. Collaborate with PDF-based roundtrip reviews. Manage content with out-of-the-box CMS integration.
  • Easily author XML/DITA content
  • Create high-impact enterprise content faster with productivity features for individual contributors and collaborating teams
  • Publish to multiple channels, formats, and screens  
  • Enrich your content with interactive media for a superior user experience
List of resources:

FrameMaker 11 and FrameMaker Publishing Server 11  (Product Manager blog with many links to video and hands-on PDF file)

FrameMaker 11 videos recently added to AdobeTV:

Download the PDF FrameMaker 11 Reviewer's Guide; many videos and very comprehensive info:

 FrameMaker 11 User's Guide:

Adobe FrameMaker Publishing Sever 11 Guide:

Detailed FM version comparison chart on Upgrade Guide:

 FrameMaker 11 datasheet:

 FrameMaker 11 Publishing Server datasheet:

FrameMaker 11 YouTube channel:

A detailed review of FrameMaker 11 XML features, by Scott Prentice of Leximation can be found here

Another thorough review by Matt Sullivan has been posted here

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Courtesy:Maxwell Hoffmann and Adobe
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