August 7, 2012

Information Developers Resume/CV

 How to Improve Technical Writer Resume/CV

I saw this interesting and informative image "Difference between Bio Data, Resume and CV" circulating in Facebook and thought to share with my friends and readers of this blog.

One more view on the difference between Resume and CV:

RESUME: Summary of your skills, experience, and education. It is mostly used to grab a job in the private sector. Usually contains descriptions of all positions held on the document and is therefore 1-2 pages long. Moreover, USA & Canada normally expect a RESUME from you. 

CV: The more detailed synopsis of your educational and academic background as well as teaching and research experience, publications, presentations, awards, honors, affiliations and other details, therefore is 2+ pages long. Popularly used in academia. Geographically also, UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia & Africa expect a CV from you.

For a technical writer's resume is always considered as a sample of  work so take extra care while writing and sending it to the employer. Ultimately it answers the question of   your employer “Why do I want to hire you today?”

The popular myth is that bigger the resume better it is. I differ from it.

Primarily employers are  interested to know do you have the necessary skill set, experience and qualifications to do the task. The rest of details are  merely tribal stuffs like hobbies, objectives, summary etc. I will be happy if I do not find these sections in the employee resume, it saves my time.
So make it clear what skill you posses (DITA, RoboHelp, Framemaker etc), experiences and where you gained it (Name of previous employer with duration you stay there, project undertaken, technology and domain you worked) and qualifications.

Do not write long stories, Keep it simple, short and concise.

The larger agencies tend to search for candidates using computers – keyword search of their database. Like using skill, role, year of experience and domain expertise so include these information's properly but please do not go mad over it.

Few more tips:

  • Give your email address a hyperlink, so with one click the reader can email you.
  • Put the Education section after the Professional Experience, since it is secondary in importance at this stage of your career.
  • Under Professional Experience, you should have hyperlinks to the organizations’ websites.
  • Under Computer Skills, you should indicate which versions of the tools you have experience with (for example, Robohelp8 or 10).
  • Be consistent with your punctuation and grammar. Some lines end with periods while some do not. Technical writers notice these things also!Do not forget spelling mistake will kill you.Proofread and proofread again.
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