August 23, 2012

TOC highlighting in the RoboHelp

In one of the forum i noticed a similar question which i posted almost couple of years back and that time i was answered by one of the Robohelp guru Rick (Captiv8r).It helped me then so i think it must be relevant today also in new version of RH.Sorry in my latest project i'm not using latest RH,so can't test :-(

Question-When i click on the hyperlink it navigate me to the correct page,but in the TOC  the topic which is displayed doesn't highlighted.Instead the page from where it is clicked remains highlighted.


It is assumed CHM is the output .

First, open the Project Set Up pod and expand the Windows folder. Then edit the properties of your CHM window and ensure the option to synchronize the TOC has been enabled.

Once you have done this, edit the Single Source Layout properties and click the Edit... button. This should open another dialog where you would click the TOC Styles tab. Ensure you enable the Always Show Selection option.

 Do not forget to assign topic to the TOC :-)
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