September 10, 2012

Top Help Authoring Tools

List of Best Help Authoring Tools

In my previous post HAT: An Unbiased Review (What, Why and Which)  discussed in brief about help authoring tools input, output, extra features, why do we need it and a fair comparison of tools.


I can bet you will be surprise to know that in the market there are more than twenty HAT providers exist.How many of them do you know,try to recollect the name before you proceed.

Here is the list of more than 20 best help authoring tools and there resource link:

         One of the best tool,recently RH10 is released.
           Respectevly new to Robohelp,but equally effective.
          This is free for personal use.
          This is available in 9 language.
          Version7 is available
          It is a documentation generator from Microsoft that automatically produces MSDN style  reference documentation.
         Not able to find any updates after 2009

If I'm missing any help authoring tools,kindly let me know.
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