December 21, 2012

Redundancy- An Overview

This guest post is from Raksha Pradeep,Director of ApraDocs Information Developers, New Delhi ,holds a Masters Degree in Business management in Human Resource from IBS, Mumbai University .Apart from her services in corporate sector she is also involved with various reputed institutes as visiting/ guest faculty for Business Communication.

Redundancy has different meaning in different arena but narrowing the definition to linguistics we can say that it is the superfluity of words in a sentence or the use of words or data that could be omitted without loss of meaning or function. Being verbose in your expression doesn't mean that a person is an efficient writer but, to express everything in a concise form without letting the facts ignored makes the listener or the reader alert and glued to the topic. We often come across the situations where we see people lacking interest in the subject though it may be interesting just because of repetition of the ideas or opinions. Sometimes to emphasize one’s point of view people use unnecessary adjectives or adverbs but while writing as a professional we should avoid redundancy.
Though the list never ends, some common redundancy errors and the techniques to avoid them are cited here:-
Eliminate unnecessary adverbs:
“I truly believe you.” Instead we can say “I believe you” It doesn't change the fact what we want to convey.  For example- really, truly, extremely, very, quite, severely, these words often lead to redundancy errors if not used properly.
Replace or eliminate meaningless adjectives:-
“He is a good runner who runs fast” instead we can say “He is a fast runner”. Adjectives such as good, nice, bad, okay, important, significant may add to redundancy mistakes.
Writing concise sentences:
Writing short and simple sentences is an effective way to reduce redundancy errors. It also helps the reader to understand clearly what the writing is exactly about.
Avoid expletive constructions:-
“There is/are”, “It is” these are some of the phrases which usually are unnecessarily used by the writers making the sentence superfluous. For example:  “There are over five thousand people listening to him” instead it can be said “Over five thousand people are listening to him.”
Avoid repeating yourself in the following sentences:-
“Ram is an intelligent boy. Ram scored highest in the final examination. Teachers often praise Ram.” We can replace Ram by he/him in the following sentences without snatching the meaning of the paragraph.
Trimming the fat:-
Using set of words instead of one: These are the most common redundancy errors we make while communicating with others. We should know how to trim the fat and make the sentence more concise. Few examples are listed below:-
At the present time-                       Now
Due to the fact that-                       Because
12 midnight-                                     Midnight
In my opinion, I believe-                 I believe
In the event that-                             If
In spite of the fact that-                 Although
In the vicinity of-                              Near
Until such time as-                           Until

Redundancy is mostly overlooked while writing but, when it comes to professional writing it should be taken care of because, it’s not the literature or language the reader is looking out for but the content and the facts embedded in it.

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December 12, 2012

Document Development Life Cycle

In an initiative to  encourage ADID Alumni and other technical writers to share technical writing knowledge,ADID invited Neha Srivastava to share her understanding on the documentation development life cycle and she come up with well knit and researched post .

You can write to her or post comment to ask anything dropping from your mind on DDLC.

Introduction to Document Development Life Cycle

The Document Development Life Cycle (DDLC) is the process of developing documents. It is necessary to follow DDLC to enhance the quality and optimize timely delivery of document. 
The Document Development Life Cycle is mainly comprised of steps which are given below,it can varies company or project-wise also:

           Requirement Analysis
           Developing the Content
           Editing/ Proofreading

Requirement Analysis

During the Requirement Analysis process  we gather the information of product from SMEs,available documents,online search etc. We analyze the criteria of producing the product according to the audience. In Audience analysis, we analyze who will use this product, what is the need of creating the product, and measures of skill and expertise of the audience etc. We also figure out what tools we are going to use like Robohelp,Framemaker etc.  By understanding the product requirement, we can easily estimate the time, resources and cost of the product.


In Designing phase, we design the document we crate templates,master page etc.We take approval of design like fonts size and style,list,table, numbing and look and feel approval is taken from concern person.

 Developing the Content

We develop the content according to the product features and requirement. We analyze the product, run the product and write the draft according to the product. We create user manual, user guide, reports, and online help etc. We add title, copyright, content, index, glossary, and appendix etc in the manual.This is actual content development phase.

 Editing/ Proofreading

Editing is the process in which we test the creating project according to the requirement, and product features. We check the first draft through Technical Writer editor, peer review or the technical review etc. In this phase, we check the technical part, grammar mistakes, figures, and format etc.
Proofreading is the final testing of the project by checking proper layout, style and grammar mistakes etc. In this phase, we check the draft entirely. Our main purpose is to remove bug from the draft, so that document is clear and understandable.To read more on proofreading click here.


In this phase, we publish the document as online help, and print document etc. Print documents are the hard copy in which all the content may be in long sentences or paragraph, and screen shots. In online help, we add hyperlinks, and content is in short sentences. These documents are useful to end users to determine the exact use of the product.


Maintenance is the process in which we add updates, create versions after modification in the project. When new product comes in the market, then user manual is updated according to the added new feature. Companies also spend cost in creating Support Centers for enhancing user satisfaction.

December 1, 2012

2012 Salary Survey of Indian Technical Communicators

2012 Salary Survey of Indian Technical Communicators

Last month of this year is started with the good news, salary of tech communicators increased by 16%.The report prepared and presented by Paresh Naik.Kudos to you Paresh!!! 

Although not very good growth but far to be bad looking at some polices of Mr.Obama.

Bangalore have many reasons to cheers as it still continues to be the highest paying city in India, and NCR remain at number five but Pune is even worse,surprise to know that.

I am still trying to figure out why Technical writing condition is not improving in capital region?Any answer please share. STC must take some extra effort to create awareness about technical writing in NCR.

The detail report can be found at:

Salary survey of 2014 is also available.

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