January 5, 2013

Some Stupid Statistics of Year 2012

Information Developers blog and Linkedin group in the mirror of statistic

A warm welcome and all the good wishes to my seniors, friends, and unknown readers in 2013, who continuously inspired me.
These stats are merely numbers not the reflection of the satisfaction what I get after getting one thanks mail or comment.

Information Developers Blog

Date of Inception: June18, 2012 (My birthday)

Number of Posts: 30

22,010    Total page views

4,790      Unique visitors (I think this number should be more as I installed the Google Analytics only few    months back :D)

10248     page views from India

4832       page views from US

Rest from 75 countries and more than 1000 cities.

1018  page views referred by www.google.com - referring site with the highest numbers!

88%  traffic from Windows users.

35% traffic from Google Chrome.

1%   traffic from iPod users (not bad?)

Most viewed post : Before you foray into technical writing (personal high!)

Guest writers- Aishwarya Pankaj,Sasmita Panda,Neha Srivastava and Raksha Pradeep. If you want to write a guest post kindly consider this as humble request.

All these numbers set aside, thank you for being a part of My Musings. Like I have said before, no joy like writing and no greater joy than writing and being read. No one likes to talk in vacuum.

Information Developers LinkedIn group

Started on June 28,2012,moderated  by Rahul Karn,this group is mainly focused to help the students who want to take technical writing as a career, but people of different seniority like Managers, Owners,CXO and demography are now integral part of this group.19% members are from Bengaluru.

If till by any reason you are not part of this group, you are cordially invited to join this group and guide the newbie.

If you are interested in learning complete Robohelp,Framemaker,Madcap Flair,MS VISIO,Captivate,SnagIT,Business writing,Technical writing at Noida,NCR,Gurgaon,Gaziabad visit www.informationdevelopers.in. For latest update you can also like our LinkedIn page.

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