February 4, 2013

Are Technical Writers and Content Writers Same?

In an initiative to  encourage ADID Alumni and other technical writers to share technical writing knowledge,ADID invited Jaspal Singh to share his experience as content writer and technical writer, he come up with well knit and researched post .

You can write to him or post comment to ask anything dropping from your mind on changing profession from content writing to technical writing..

To a layman, technical writing and content writing might come across as a similar thing. There are various attributes that are common between both professions. However, one can easily find aspects that discern one from the other. 

Basic job of technical writers is to develop and design technical documentation in which creativity as well as knowledge about technology is required. On the other hand, content writers write for websites, newspapers and magazines. Before discussing the differences, let’s talk about their common attributes first. 

  • Excellent grammar 
  • Outstanding writing skills 
  • Good analytical skills 
  • Need to identify the target audience
Following table represents factors that distinguish Technical Writing from Content Writing:

Content Writing
Technical Writing
Excellent Grammar and Writing Skills
Excellent Grammar and Writing Skills + Technical Knowledge
Write-ups should be interesting so that audience can find a connection
Write-ups should be user-friendly with clear and crisp information
Need to exaggerate things
Need to make common people aware about the technology without using hardcore technical terms (jargons).
Basic computer skills with fair knowledge of fundamental software packages and good knowledge of Internet and searching options
Software packages to know in addition to basic package:
·        RoboHelp
·        Adobe Framemaker
·        Camatasia
·        SnagIT

Attention-grabbing writing style is a must
Need to understand the domain and the target audience
Knowledge about current affairs
Knowledge about latest technology
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