April 24, 2013

STC India education initiative at RDIAS,New Delhi

STC India education initiative in New Delhi on 6 April,201 3

Rahul karn and Rajeev Jain talking with students
Going in the colleges and interacting with the new  generation is really a very awesome experience.Recently STC i gave me this  golden chance to talk about technical writing  in RDIAS college,Rohini.

Sharing report of Rajeev Jain who really did a very commendable job by organizing this event and a warm thanks for inviting me on this wonderful event.

 This is report of STC India education initiative circulated by Rajeev Jain.

About STC India education initiative

Roli Sinha sharing her experience
This is the first time in the history of  STC-India that the education team is reaching out to college and universities to conduct awareness sessions about technical communication, and help the students understand the career opportunities in the field of technical communication. STC India is making an attempt to bridge the Academia-Corporate gap by conducting FREE mentoring and guidance sessions.  STC India team is extending all possible help to students, faculty, and colleges to:
- Conduct awareness sessions on technical communication
- Explore job/career opportunities in this field
- Create curriculum for the short-term Industry-Ready courses
- Help them understand the corporate needs and expectations from a Fresh Graduate
- Enhance students employability and make them corporate ready and even connect them with recruiter
- Invite them to attend STC India conferences, seminars, workshops, and other events

Event Update
Venue: Rukmini Devi Institute of Advanced Studies (RDIAS), Rohini, New Delhi.
Date: April 6th, 2013

STC India Education team of 3R’s (Rajeev, Roli, and Rahul Karn) travelled from different locations to reach the venue on time. Roli and Rahul travelled all the way from other end of Delhi to reach the venue on time. STC team was greeted by dean-academics, director, and the senior professors of the college. All three of us were excited and were hoping at least 50-55 students (since it was a weekend, and the college was open only for this event). We were surprised to see almost 80+ MBA and MCA students.

The session started around 10.15 am. Rajeev started the session by asking questions, such as
·         what made students attend this event?
·         why did  they opt for the Master degree in management or computers?
·         what are the different job opportunities they are aware of?

We were surprised to know that many students had heard about technical communication but till date they had no-one who could explain and guide them. Rajeev gave a brief introduction about technical communication. He shared many Bollywood and real life examples to explain the concepts in simple language. Roli shared her hiring experiences and what are the corporate expectations from a fresh graduate. She gave excellent examples of why certain skills are necessary to excel in this field. There were many lighter moments when Rahul started asking questions as a fresher who is looking for first job. This helped students to open up and they started asking more and more questions. Rahul added more spice by sharing his valentine competition story.

Some of the questions asked by students were related to:
1.       Starting salary and growth opportunities.
2.       Skill set required to excel in this field.
3.       Corporate expectations from a fresher
4.       Differences between technical writer and content writer.
5.       Work-life balance and work timings.
6.       Why companies dont come for campus placement to hire fresher as writers?

We anticipated that the event may get over by 12.00 o’clock, but we had to finally stop at 1.00 pm. We promised them to come back again to take up their remaining queries and conduct more sessions.

Rajeev hosting the talk
The college management shared instant feedback and informed us that the students were extremely happy and they found the session to be very good, interactive, and useful. The students wanted more sessions from the STC India team. The college management also invited us to conduct one or more event for students of other colleges of their group.
Thank You Note: I take this opportunity to thank Roli and Rahul for all volunteer help and making it to the venue on time.

The college academics and management team showed interest in introducing business communication and technical writing course for the MBA and MCA students on trial basis. Rajeev also checked their interest in hosting STC India conferences and other events and they happily offered their premises to conduct more such events.

Next Event
STC-India team is committed to conduct more such awareness sessions and workshops in colleges across the country. The next event is scheduled for April 13th at KIIT engineering and management college, Gurgaon. You are most welcome to volunteer and share your experiences with the students in future events.

For more queries or information
If you have any queries or need more information or know of any college or university interested in conducting such events at their premises, please contact Rajeev Jain (rajeevjain72@gamil.com ),Rahul Karn (rahulkkarn@gmail.com) or Ramesh Aiyyangar (president@stc-india.com).

Let’s work together to promote technical communication and contribute our niche to bridge the Academic-Corporate gap.

On behalf of STC-India
-Rajeev Jain
Education and Scholarship Manager
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