August 1, 2014

Planning stage of document development lifecycle

This checklist can be used for planning stage  of document development lifecycle.You can customize it according to your need.
Not all the subjects will be included in plans at every stage. Some may be added in the later stages.
Collect all the relevant documents available, such as:
• Previous version of the Documentation Plan, Documents
• Product Specifications
• Requirements documents
• Documentation Proposal
• Quality Plan

Decide the standards and conventions to be followed (Style guide and Templates)
Plan the version and change control procedures 
Develop Backup plan
Plan provision of human resource
Plan provision of tools/software/hardware
Assign responsibilities for aspects of the documentation
Plan the prototypes
Plan the system tests
Plan the user tests
Plan the localisation
Plan the customisation
Plan the approval mechanism for the documentation
Decide how to handle updates and future developments
Plan the reproduction method for the printed documentation
Agree on the form of the deliverable to be handed over for release
Finally write the Documentation Plan:-)
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