September 23, 2014

e-Library for Technical Writing Course

Apradocs comes up with a free E-library for Technical Writers

A Comprehensive Collection of Technical Documents and Marketing Collaterals

This beautiful press release is written by +Anuradha Malhotra,student of ADID.

ADID, a well-known technical writing training institute in New Delhi,Noida (NCR), has released its free e-library of high-level documentation. The repository contains documents that can be useful for technical writers. It also has important articles that explain standard methodologies like DDLC and Agile. All the documents are downloadable and no fee is charged for that. 

Delhi, INDIA September 23, 2014 – ADID, ApraDocs Information Developers, a reputed training institute in Dwarka, New Delhi recently released a repository of technical writing documents for student sharing. Comprising of a comprehensive archive of user manuals, help guides, newsletters, whitepapers, and troubleshooting documents, the repository has everything that is important fora technical writer to know- right from high-level documentation to sample guides to modernistic approaches like DITA and Agile, it has all.

The e-library has documents related to content writing also, an important and quintessential part of technical authoring. Articles penned down by experts on concepts like Audience Analysis, Scrum, and DDLC (Document Development Life Cycle) can be of good help to all levels of technical writers: beginners and professionals. Mr. Rahul Karn, Head of ADID when interviewed, said, “I always wanted to provide my students a virtual place where they could find all that is related to technical documentation. So, I kept on adding whatever I found could be useful to this e-library. I have kept it free for all. All documents are downloadable and can be accessed without any hassles. “

He further added, “As Technical Communication field is growing each day, keeping oneself updated is extremely important. So, I continue adding articles on latest technologies and methodologies adopted by organizations.” The students and technical experts can subscribe to this e-library and know of any updating/additions made in the repository via e-mail.
About ADID: ApraDocs Information Developers is Delhi’s and Noida leading Technical Writing training institute. It provides introductory, intermediate and advanced level training to its students. The course curriculum is tailored according to students’ needs and competencies. We offer courses in standard industry tools like RoboHelp, Captivate, Framemaker, Camtasia, MS Visio, SnagIt, Jing, and others.  

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Apradocs comes up with a free E-library for Technical Writers

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