December 31, 2014

Performance of Information Developers group-2014

2014- Year It Was

ApraDocs Information Developers is .in by registration but .org by heart.

We impart technical writing training in India and online by charging minimal fee and deliver more than we commit.Apart from our regular students, we also offer lot of free learning through different platform like blog,LinkdIN page,LinkedIN goup,Facebook page and sponsoring technical writers conferences in Delhi area.

Our growth is growth of all the technical writers directly or indirectly involved with us.

We partnered with Multivertex for technology support.
Started our new venture Digital marketing training through Digital Marketing Research and Training
Browse Motion continue to maintain our website.
Collaborated with Wincere.

Some numbers:

LinkedIN Group- Information Developers

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835 members on 31 December 2014 Majority from Bangalore followed by Pune and New Delhi, 36% are seniors.

Thanks for being the part of our community.Hope we will be able to add more deligates this year.

Blogger performance

This blog continuously featured in All top tech writing. Kudos to blogging team!!!

From this year U.S guys surpassed Indian followers.Now we are more popular in U.S than in India.We are opened more on Firefox than IE or chrome.

By now 84000 page-view we received and most of the readers are coming from google search.In India we are most read in Bangalore followed by NCR.

Information Developers technical writing prformance

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