December 26, 2014

Test the Map IDs of a RoboHelp Context Sensitive HTML Help File

Map IDs in RoboHelp11

If you have Map IDs and not able to test it. RoboHelp provide a wonderful tool to test it. 
What is Map IDs All context sensitive help files have each individual help topic assigned a Map ID number.
The application developers integrate that ID into the application so that when a user presses the F1 button in a topic screen, the application reads the Map ID of the topic and displays the correct topic that corresponds to that Map ID number.
Question: Before giving it to the developers how would you know if your Map IDs are working in a help file; if they are properly attached to individual topics and are pointing at the correct topics?
SOLUTION: RoboHelp has a feature (tool)l for that called CSH (Context Sensitive Help) Test tool.
To test Map IDs
1) Open the Toolbox by selecting View > Pods > Toolbox.

CSH Test RoboHelp
 2) Double-click CSH Test icon to display the Context-Sensitive Help Test Tool dialog box.
CSH Test RoboHelp COntext Sensitive Help Test Tool
3) Browse and select the .CHM file you have generated earlier (for Offline files). If your help file is posted online, then enter its URL in the Online box.
4) (Optional) Enter a Window name.

5) Click the map file icon and select a map file.

6) Click the triangle and select a map number.

7) Click Show Help.

If your map IDs are correctly attached to the individual topics, a window will open and display the correct topic for that Map ID number.

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