April 20, 2015

Difference between Editing and Proofreading

Difference between Editing and Proofreading 

This is work from Megha Gola, A student  of ApraDocs Information Developers and employee of Vikash Technical publication, New Delhi.



It is the first task that should be undertaken after finishing the first draft of a piece of text.
It involves checking the text in detail after the editing stage, to detect errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and format.
Editing requires focusing on the content of the text. The key goals are to check that the text:
  •          flows logically
  •         is meaningful as whole
  •         is clearly expressed
  •          is accurate in the information it provides
  •        is concise
  •          makes its purpose clear
  • is targeted towards the reader

The aim of proofreading is to spot and correct errors in:
  •  spelling
  •   typography
  •  grammar, punctuation and use of language
  •  style and format
  • anything missed at the editing stage

Editing requires careful analysis and critical thinking.
Proofreading requires a great deal of attention to detail.
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