August 24, 2015

Information Developers Consortium-August, 2015

Snaps of Information Developers Consortium hosted by ADID (ApraDocs Information Developers) and STC on 22 August,2015. It was attended by top-notch technical writers of NCR and the presentations were truly amazing.The best part was it was interactive.

Interactive technical writing session in progress

Bipul from GlobalLogic talking on UX in documentation

DITA man Ankur

Rinni still try to find out  why tech writing?
Puja Gandhi from Agilent and Ankur Srivastava from Freescale

Rinni Mahajan From Inteera System and Manisha Khurana from Comviva

Dipti sharing pain point of technical writers

Dr.Anu from Fiserv and Dipti Sehgal from Pitney Bose

Participant of the Information Developers Consortium- August 2015

Rahul Karn- Co-Founder of ApraDocs Information Developers

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