September 7, 2015


I am Rinni Mahajan, technical writer @ Interra Systems and proud alumni of ApraDocs Information Developers.

In free time, I love to pen down my emotions.Sharing one with you. I have dedicated this poem to all the job seekers, who fail to make it to their dream companies despite several audacious attempts. 

With Hopes intact and Zeal on the brim; I move on and on.
I sacrifice my sleep to shape my skills; yet i am a mourner every day.
I chose to work on the path laden with hard work; yet my efforts go subtle.

Every day i see a new ray of hope; yet I slip back and forth.
I cherish my dreams, I sacrifice my sleep; yet i am a mourner every day.
Hard time may come and hard time may go,
I am all alone on the way i go.

I can’t see my hopes breaking bit by bit,
I can’t face rejection as well,
How should i smile when i know that i stand nowhere amidst the crowd?

World goes by my smirk; yet i am a lachrymose.
Around the world as i go, i find myself trapped in sorrows and unending desires;
I long for a start, i long for a shore; free from world of riches.

Amidst the crowd i fail to survive,
No reason could justify why. Though the path i chose, was sweet
and perfect; yet no one is there to hold my hand.
I am a mourner every day,
Because Along With The Sunset, My Hopes Die And The Dark Day Starts.

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