October 30, 2015

Online technical writing e-coaching

For many, conveyance matter, ApraDocs Information Developers offers online technical writing training for them. Many technical writers from different cities of India and globe have fulfilled their career aspirations through our flexible learning.
ADID has instructor based online learning for  all the course we provide. 
Placement assistance and all other facilities are similar to the classroom classes.

Advantages of ADID Online  Educational Platform:  

  1. More engaging experience for the students as they can interact live with the professors. The virtual classroom features like Audio video conferencing between the students and teachers, Sharing content ( Word file, Power Point, Excel, Playing Audio/Video Files of any format), Creating polls live, Screen sharing, Live chat etc...
  2. All the lectures will be recorded, and these lectures are used as the E-content and can be shared with the students online.
  3. Student's attendance reports are managed online and there is a complete teacher-student feedback mechanism as well.
  4. Virtual White board where in teacher  write down everything the way they write in a traditional whiteboard and it is visible to all the students in the live class.
  5. The teacher conduct online tests and assignments (Both Subjective and objective type) with the students who are enrolled in the online courses.
  6. Cloud space to store the content, which are completely secured and shared with the student online.
 How ADID Online  Educational portal is different for other online classes:  

  1. More engaging experience for the students as they can interact live with the professors. - We do not provide any kind of pre-recorded audio/video or material.
  2. You CANNOT take this at your own pace- You will have to sit with the coach.
  3. There is a complete teacher-student feedback mechanism as well- We do not promote one-way communication.
  4. You can copy, read, record and store our study material for your reference. Your access to our study material will not get blocked life long.

October 20, 2015

Difference between SRS, FRS and BRS

Distinction among BRS,FRS and SRS – Top 7

The difference among SRS, FRS and BRS seems to be same but in reality they all are different and important too because many of us do not know these simple basic terms, in simply we know these terms but not exactly. 

1. It means “Software Requirement Specification” (SRS).

1. It means “Functional Requirement Specification” (FRS).
1. It means “Business Requirement Specification” (BRS).
2. It deals with resources provided by Company.

2. It deals with requirements given by the client.
2. It deals with aspects of business requirements.
3. It always includes Use cases to describe the interaction of the system.
3. In this, Use cases are not included.
3. In this, Use cases are also not included.
4. It is developed by System Analyst. And it is also known as User Requirement Specifications.
4. It is always developed by developers and engineers.
4. It is always developed by Business Analyst.
5. In SRS, we describe all the business functionalities of the application.
5. In FRS, we describe the particular functionalities of   every single page in detail from start to end.
5.In BRS, we defines what exactly customer wants. This is the document which is followed by the team from start to end.
6. SRS tells means explains all the functional and non-functional requirements.
6. FRS tells means explains the sequence of operations to be followed on every single process.
6. BRS tells means explains the story of whole requirements.
7. SRS is a complete document which describes the behavior of the system which would be developed.

7. FRS is a document, which describes the Functional requirements i.e. all the functionalities of the system would be easy and efficient for end user.

7. BRS is a simple document, which describes the business requirements on a quite broad level.

If you want to learn more about SRS.Please refer IEEE recommended practice for software requirement specification.