December 14, 2015

Technical Writers Salary Survey- 2015

STC India 2015 Salary Survey Result

Results of theSTC India 2015 Salary Survey is now in available Thanks, Mr.Paresh Naik for this commendable job. Sincere thanks to him from the family of ApraDocs Information Developers.

From the last couple of years, I religiously fill the form circulated by Paresh and keep my finger crossed to see the result.

This information will surely help job seekers and freelancers to understand the market and take correct position.
2015 Salary Survey- Technical writers

This year sample size (Number of respondents) was 151. Wish in future technical writers will spare some time for this important survey.

Median salary level of technical writers increased by 12.8% from 2014. What about you?

NCR emerge as the high paying area. Good news for NCR folks:-). Do not complain now.

Many more details are shared, click and read a wonderful article:

Salary survey of 2012

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