August 15, 2017

IDF- Proud to be an Indian

15 August- Happy Independence Day

Information Developers Foundation is a first Indian nonprofit organization working for the information developers. Proud to be an Indian.

Information wants to be free.

August 14, 2017

Technical communicators regional conference -New Delhi 2017

From the page of a diary-2017

12/08/2017 It was a great gathering of technical communicators in Gurgaon. Good to see the delegates fly from Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Ahmadabad to listen to the eminent speakers. Most of the delegates were senior level, it would have great if the younger generation would have participated as well.
Two young speakers were truly impressive Rinni Mahajan and Padma Swaroop Mandapaka. You guys are the future.

Out of the box session from Minakshi, and marketing communication from Piyush (Spice digital) was very informative. Rajiv's talk on the management of the virtual team was great in such a short span of time. Inputs from the audience like from  Rahul, Hemant Mishra, and Meenakshi made this event more interesting.

Thanks to Manisha for taking the pain to organize this.

Participants at Delhi-NCR  Regional Conference. 

I strongly feel only Bangalore should not have all the fun New Delhi deserve too.

Looking at the delegates I am confident about the upcoming event  Information Developers Conclave- New Delhi is going to be well received.

Few days are left only for the last date of sponsoring the event and speaker's proposal that is almost about to finish. Few speakers proposal are so compelling that our event committee decided to confirm them without any delay.

You will listen to the details very soon. Stay tuned.

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August 7, 2017

IDF Conclave introduction

Information Developers Foundation first conclave introduction video

Infomation Developers Foundation (IDF) is registered under the Section-8 of Companies Act 2013. IDF intends to promote art,  science, research, social welfare, etc of Information Developers. The main object of IDF to ensure the promotion of technical communication fields.

July 17, 2017

Ticket of IDC-2017, New Delhi

Information Developers Conclave-2017 

New Delhi - INDIA

The Suryaa Hotel 

11- November-2017

IDC-2017 Venue

IDC-2017 is a must visit event for all the technical writers and the professionals working in the similar fields.
This event will host esteemed speakers to share the knowledge with the well-informed delegates.

IDC event champions are working tirelessly to make this event a must remember event in the history of technical writing

If you want to sponsor our event or want to be speaker contact us without wasting a time.Probably you can be late.

Grab your super early bird ticket now. For more details call me 7840841999.#idf2017
This is an Information Developers Foundation Initiative.
For detail visit our website- Information Developers Conclave-2017

June 21, 2017

5 best ways to provide writing samples

Producing technical writing sample during interview

During the interview, it is very common when the interviewer asks for the writing sample, this happens with all of us. So, what to do in that case?

No silver bullet but we can take few approach.

Why they want it and what is stopping you from doing that?

Why they want it?

  1. Want to see your writing style and skill
  2. Grammer proficiency
  3. Tool used by you
  4. Domain you worked
  5. Style guide knowledge
  6. Continue....

What is stopping you?

You may not have it- You never carry anything from office hardcopy or softcopy. Good job this is expected from you.

  1. If you are not violating confidentiality, the security or any legal issue you can carry and distribute all depend on nature of the document.So when you are producing anything from your past job make sure you are violating any legal issue. Your perspective employer will understand this.
  2. You can also create documents that look and speak exactly the same as the ones with sensitive information, but change the names and identities of the topics.
  3. A next approach could be to invest some time researching the company you are applying to and use any information you can to create something "for" them. Who knows, they may hire you on the spot!
  4. For 'public' profiles, take a screenshot of one page (UG) or one topic (help system) that illustrates your work. get permission from the client to do this, but, in general, use an older version of the documentation, not the most recent version.You can also, use a photo editor to remove any product-identifying, company-identifying, or proprietary information... like product names or feature names specific enough to a product to identify the company.
  5. If you can't use any of your previous work, you could create some sample documentation for FrameMaker, Word, or RoboHelp since you're already familiar with these tools.
Good Luck! Want to read your story, write in comment box.

January 5, 2017

Technical writing highest paying jobs in India in 2017

What a good news in the starting of the year 2017.

Technical writing in the highest paying jobs in India claims Economics Times.

Excerpt from the Newspaper

Technical writer
2 Jan, 2017
Technical writer
While writers and content writers are one thing, technical writers are completely different. They also write but their focus is mostly on technicalities related to an IT firm or programming company. For companies specializing in technology like Adobe, Oracle, and similar brands, a technical writer is must.

Minimum Qualification: Graduate

Salary range: Rs 50,000 to Rs 1.7 lakh a month

To read more click here.