September 8, 2017


The caption- Revolution is apt for the newly founded “Information Developers Foundation” (IDF) for many reasons. Before discussing the reasons lets go back and see the present scenario of professionals who are into technical communication, though it is technical writers, content writers, structural designers or similar occupation. In spite of the fact of being an important pillar of the IT industry, this sector is not organised as it should be. They don’t have a proper community or a platform where they can meet, discuss, and evolve as a better professional by exchange of knowledge. A few years back most of us didn’t even know about this job opportunity prevailing in IT sector. IT industry was known to be a hub of engineers only. There was least recognition of information developers in our country, unlike some developed countries who have their own technical societies. Why India lacks such platform? To answer this question IDF came into existence- to establish Information Development as a profession.
                         IDF is a not for profit organisation that focuses on to provide this education accessible and affordable to everyone. They train and upgrade the skills of information developers. They don’t stick to the conventional method of teaching, instead, they include different mode of learning in their curriculum such as classroom classes, online sessions, events, conferences and webinars, to make learning more interactive, engaging and evolving. IDF also provides a learning platform to exchange knowledge in various disciplines across the globe.

                                         There might be a question in one’s mind- Why IDF? To clear all the doubts there is only one answer, its experience. Information Developers Foundation was previously contributing to the society as ADID (ApraDocs Information Developers) and has earned a significant recognition in North India among the various organisations. They were into training with a record-breaking placement of 100%. Years of experience and active participation in most of the tech events have enriched them with a good database and an excellent network. They have a mission now, to organise and promote information developers in our country. They are also looking forward to boosting up this sector by accreditation and certification that would be valid pan India, ensuring that this certification guarantees the skill set of certified personnel. This will also add value to the resume of a prospective candidate. They are organising regular webinars to give more insight on the new developments and methodology in technical communication. One of their upcoming conference in November is going to witness hundreds of tech-communicators from across the globe, eminent speakers who are going to give deep insight and a multi-directional approach to this field. This is a great opportunity for the tech communicators as this mega-event will give them an excellent network and knowledge that will help them to grow as a better professional and also enhance their career aspects. For more details kindly visit
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