September 11, 2017

IDF girds up its loins for the upcoming Conclave with the theme “transformation"

Largest Conference of Content professionals

Information Developers Foundation, the first and largest Indian technical communicators society and a not for profit organization is proud to announce its grand two daylong conclave to be held on 10th-11th November 2017

IDF is hosting a mega event wherein inputs are given by the speakers from pan India. This event is going to witness 100+ technical communicators such as technical writers, content writers, structural designers and persona from the similar profession. The theme of this conference is – transformation (skill, technology, and career).  The speakers possess decades of experience and expertise in their respective domain. This grand event is going to be held in the luxurious ambiance of The Hotel Suryaa -New Delhi.

Through this event, IDF plans to provide an interactive session wherein technical communicators of different expertise and experience share their knowledge and provide the audience a deep insight into the newest technology and advancement in this sector. 

The current skill sets required, new technology and the job opportunities will be discussed. This conference will enhance one’s perspective towards their career and a better understanding on how to excel in this field.  Our speakers are notable personalities who have achieved excellence and have a good screen presence wherever they stand to deliver their mind out. 

To mention a few speakers are- 
Mr. K Narssimhan (Founder and CEO Commit Technologies Pvt Ltd), 
Mr. Bipul Keshri (Director, Usability and Design, Global logic), 
Mr. Amit Kapoor (Associate Director, content- Cigniti Technologies), 
Mr. Raghuram Pandurangan (Documentation Chapter Leader in Causeway), 
Dr. Anu Singh (Manager at Fiserv), Mr. Ankur Srivastava (Manager - NXP Semiconductors), 
Mr. Rahul Prabhakar (Influencer and a Blogger), 
Ms. Pooja Gandhi (Learning Products Manager at Agilent Technologies), 
Ms. Madhumita Sharma (Program Manager at Gemalto),
Mr. Sagar Garuda (Manager - Content at Zenoti)
Ms. Roli Sinha (Consultant at Cadence). 

This list doesn’t end here because we have keynote speakers, panel discussions, quick bites, etc. and workshops by our title sponsor Adobe. The topic to be discussed here are related to transformation in skill, career, and technology such as “Zen and the art of technical writing”, “Role and importance of UX in Information Architect”, “Information Development-Technique, Perspective and you”, “SaaS Documentation- the future is now”, “The Metamorphosis required in the world of writing”, “Technical writing in current Global Trends”, “How social media can be part of your set of TechComm skills”, “ How to transform your career” and many more.

This two-day long content professional conference is fully dedicated to ensure that all the tech communicators of India grow their network and form a society to be mutually benefitted by multidirectional exchange of knowledge. More information about the Conclave can be seen on

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