October 8, 2017

Adobe at IDC Annual Conference-2017

Save the Date for the Adobe Tech Comm Certification Workshop at IDC Technical Communication Conclave-2017

Information Developers Foundation is excited to announce first of its kind workshop at the Information Developers Conclave 2017.


1-2-3’s of Adobe FrameMaker 2017 and how to speed up authoring for unstructured and xml content.

In this workshop conducted by Adobe Solution Consultant Bharat Prakash, the session will touch on ideas that every writer, template developer, and user of FrameMaker should be aware of. Tips for accelerating the creation of content, templates, using paragraph and character designer functions, and the things that "just should work" are addressed and explored. This session will also showcase how FrameMaker 2017 can be used to create DITA or any XML content swiftly and do multichannel publishing.

Bharat Prakash Brief  Bio: 

Bharat Prakash is the Solutions Consultant for the Technical Communication unit at Adobe and has more than a decade’s experience in software development, testing and consulting. Bharat is an expert in Structured Authoring and various industry standards like DITA and MathML.

Delivering immersive user experiences with Adobe RoboHelp 2017!-Manminder Singh, Adobe

In this workshop, Manminder Singh, Adobe's Product Solution Consultant, will take you on a tour of topic-based authoring with Adobe RoboHelp 2017 release. The workshop will focus on how you can author, enrich, publish and deliver immersive Help content experiences to all the user. Manminder will showcase how to deliver Google like search experience, bookmark favorite topics, and find relevant content faster using Dynamic Content Filters.

Authors can now increase their productivity by using the modern ribbon based UI, build frameless HTML5 layouts and deliver next-generation navigation experience to the end users.

Manminder Singh Brief Bio: 

Manminder Singh is the Product Solutions Consultant for Adobe Technical Communication and E-Learning line of products. He has been working with Adobe for more than 4 years and specializes in Adobe RoboHelp, RoboHelp Server and Adobe Captivate.  Manminder is an expert in providing solutions to the clients and also guides them through the best practices to create and deliver content using the right tools.

Do you want to know about: 

The future of Technical Communications – Findings from Adobe Tech Comm. Survey-Amitoj Singh, Product Manager – Adobe 

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Attendees of the workshop will get participation certification from adobe.
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