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Rahul Karn,

Rahul Karn is a New Delhi/NCR based technical writer, digital marketing strategist, content management evangelist and social media enthusiast whose strengths lie in helping organizations improve the way they author, maintain, publish and archive their information assets and also help clients to optimize digital marketing strategy. Rahul assists his clients in determining the best ways to efficiently manage their content life cycle, including leveraging social media and digital marketing.

He  has considerable experience in digital eBook publishing, enterprise content management strategy, dynamic publishing, personalized marketing communications, business process analysis, technical writing and editing, XML, usability, content localization, and designing single source solutions.

Rahul is a popular presenter at technical writing and content industry conferences, including, Society for Technical Communication and others. He's also a founding member of ApraDocs Information Developers (http://www.informationdevelopers.in) and Digital Marketing Research and Training Institute (www.dmrt.in), hosted several industry conferences including the New Delhi  STC Conference, and is also Sr. Consultant at Wincere Ltd.

His blog, www.informationdevelopers.blogspot.in, is a popular destination for communication professionals seeking information about technical writing, content management strategy and related topics. Rahul Karn’s social networking group on Linkedin is called Information Developers. It's a global network of technical writers that attracts thousands of members from around the world. He also has a large following on Facebook and Twitter.

Learn from Rahul Karn, technical writing, Digital marketing, and related courseTraining/Consultancy/Partnership read more on  website www,informationdevelopers.in

To learn tech writing blog  you can visit http://informationdevelopers.blogspot.com/

For digital marketing www.dmrt.in

Participants from these organizations have attended courses by Rahul Karn:

Adobe, Infosys, TCS, Sapient, NIIT, EXFO, ZS associate, HCL, Makann,com, ZeeBusiness, Ericsson, Wipro, Capgemini, Liqvid, GlobalLogic,Multivertex,Vikash publication, News- Bench, Newgen, Serion-LabsVistaar,Vyome Technologies and list continue....

To know more about ApraDocs Information Developers, "Institute for technical writing" click here.

Some nostalgic moments from the initial phase of my life:

First Prize for message writing From Times of India,Pune

Student editor in a college magazine, Pune University

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