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It is now more than nine years being in the field of technical publication/Information development. I have taken a lot from this society and it is my turn to give back to the society of technical communicators. This is the only idea to start this blog and my technical writing training institute in NCR ApraDocs Information Developers.

Through this weblog, I want to share my experience and address those problems with solutions which I faced in my career. My quest is to make this blog a one-stop blog for the entire technical writers working at any level in any part of the globe, but yes, my priority will be always to help freshers.

Any fresh ideas, queries and comments are always welcome.If you want to write guest posts for my readers feel free to let me know. Please come out and ask your questions, it will be answered by me and many other seasoned professional as well.

In this weblog, you will get the relevant post for Jobs , Resources, Tools and Tips,Education, News/Events,Guest word and my personal section Serendipity.

You can also visit website ApraDocs Information Developers.

If you have any additional questions, contradictions or want me to expand upon any of these ideas. Feel free to write me or post comments.

Thanks for stopping and HaPPy ReAding :-)

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