Important links for technical writers/Information developers

The way you sometimes stumble on some great links like this one I have also. Listing those which I found useful and can add value in my ongoing self-education in this field.
Here's what I have been able to find so far:

Note: We are continually updating the list with all the new articles. So bookmark this page and keep coming back to learn something new.                                                                          


Madcap Flare

Online Help Resources

Click for the complete list of Online Help Resources.


   Adobe Captivate


Other Tools


 English Grammar/Language/Online Library


Reference Guide

List of Technical writing institutes in India

Personal Blogs/Organization/Anything & Everything



Am I missing anything?  ? Did you find any information that’s incorrect or obsolete? Please help me to keep this page useful and up to date by your valuable comment. 

Over time, I am hoping to add more.

Last updated: 1/2/2016

Thank you.

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