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Do you need training for technical writing, or intrested to know technical writing courses in delhi ncr and their fees and placementsan? advanced tutorial of RoboHelp, FrameMaker?
If your answer is No, then this page is not for you.
If your answer is in yes, please continue probably i may help you.

I offer technical writing training in New Delhi under flag of  Information Developers Consortium (IDC). We cover introductory, intermediate, and advanced level— all depending on student level of exposure. The curriculum is tailored according to student need because we feel one size do not fit all.We offer Diploma and Fast Track course in the classroom and online model.

If you are not from Delhi you can learn from me online.

Online classes are convenient for people who live or work anywhere.

Course Offered 

  • Technical writing
  • DITA
  • Content Writing


Individuals who are interested in becoming technical communicators, or those who are already in technical writing positions and would like to improve their skills will find the program useful. Many engineers, scientists and technicians have increased their effectiveness through improvement of their technical writing skills.
Technical writers find career opportunities in the financial, industrial, construction, electronics, automotive, medical, computer, biomedical, healthcare, agricultural and petrochemical industries.


  • To get an exposure to issues, theories, principles and concerns relating to human interaction with interactive products
  • To practice the process and the techniques for user studies, interaction design and usability evaluation

After attending the course, participants should be able to conceptualise, design,write and review interactive documents systematically. Those who are already involved in these activities like content writer, business analyst, book writers etc should be able to improve the quality of their work, and will understand the theory behind what they do. Those responsible for the document development process will be able to make the process in their organizations more user-centered.


With increasing reliance on sophisticated technology, written technical instructions have become the primary paths to understanding complex procedures. Apart from latest tool like FrmaeMaker, RoboHelp, DITA etc, some of the concepts that students will learn include:

  • how to determine their audience, purpose and objectives of various documents
  • how to follow steps to successful technical writing
  • how to write collaboratively
  • how to write a procedures manual
  • how to design the different types of technical documents

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